Monday, August 27, 2012

Technical Issues

We are experiencing some technical issues with the site. There is some difficulty in diagnosing these issues.
We strongly recommend  DO NOT LOAD ANYTHING to your profile until further notice. Keep the information in your own possession on your  own hardware.
We will leave the site open for you to retrieve aspects only.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Missing logins etc.

Hi if you have experienced some missing work  PLEASE try this.
Turn off your computer to clear it and then restart it  logging into the site again . There  is a good chance you have still the old settings in your computer.
If this does not fix it please re comment here and I will look at it from inside Foliospaces

Attention Group Administrators

Over the coming months we will be rationalising the Foliospaces website.
If you are currently a group administrator and you have a Premier or Institutional account with Foliospaces then
Congratulations and we hope your group has been of great value to you.
On the other hand
If you do not hold a Premier or Institutional account and you wish to continue your group then you will need to upgrade to keep your group to the Premier or Institutional accounts.
We will be slowly going through and removing old and non active groups as well as those who do not hold a current Premier or Institutional accounts.
This will NOT effect your personal account... just groups only.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hi ,
Folio Spaces will be off line this Wednesday 22 Aug 2012 from 10pm AEST about 1 hour  for some maintenance work to be done. If you are able to get in please do not upload or add any content as it may not be saved.
Thanks Shane

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hi from Shane

I am Shane Botting, the new owner of Foliospaces. I am an educator & trainer with a couple of Diploma’s and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering.
My passion is education both formal and informal and all things that aid in it.

I would like to thank Ian and Steve for their hard work over the years and for passing the baton to me. Ian has promised to be around and I am looking forward to seeing his passion towards it continue through his input into the site.

We will have a bit of work ahead of us as we are looking towards an upgrade in the software in the next little while. Please if you are experiencing any issues let us know so we can deal with them.

So I hope you are using the site to maximise the benefit to you.
Thanks Shane

Friday, August 10, 2012

New management for FolioSpaces

After nearly 4 years we have recently sold FolioSpaces. It has been an amazing journey. Although educators and policy makers have been talking about ePortfolios for well over a decade now, it is during the last couple of years that I have noticed a huge change in the way portfolios are being used across courses and particularly for recording attainment of professional competencies in the workplace.

There may be some minor disruption as severs are changed and during the next couple of weeks as the software is upgraded. FolioSpaces has been growing so rapidly it needs more resources, and staffing to continue to maintain and increase the high level of services we have tried to provide.

I will provide more details next week, and will then hand this blog over.

Regards, Ian Knox

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Outage notice

We are currently experiencing an outage and FolioSpaces is down (3.04 Australian EST). Sorry for the inconvenience caused. There has been major disruption at our host in USA and hopefully it will be resolved soon.